Monday, October 10, 2011

TIPS: How to Get PrizeRebel Points Fast and Easy

If I sent you this link out of the blue, sorry, this is a bit of spam. I just wanted to show everyone an easy way to get the first 10$ extremely fast on prize rebel, then you can buy whatever you want with it. (Such as riot points)

If you haven't already known about prizerebel click this link and sign up:
Click me to visit the site.

Okay now that you have PrizeRebel, we are going to be using some tools and such to make it so we can get to points faster. If you follow my instructions I guarantee you will get 10$ within 5-10 minutes.

The first thing that we will be doing is Download a program called "RoboForum."
       This will fill out all the forums for us so we don't have to waste sooo much time typing in the information that we already do.
You can find the download link here ---> Roboforum

Here is a list of offers that will credit fast and are extremely easy to do. These will help you to get 10$ extremely fast:

(Click "Get Points" then click "Search Offers" at the homepage.)

    Offer Name 
                          Points Awarded                   

iWinners Advantage0.15
Top Branded foods1.00
Shoppers Voice Survey0.40
Aisle 7 - American Flag0.10
Budget Friendly Recipes0.10
DDFN - NFL Jersey0.50
Univox Panel0.25
HD - Promotional0.40
Osteoporosis Medizine0.20
Auto Insurance Scout0.30
Internet Explorer 90.15
Lifescript - Spring0.15
Diabetes Awareness Bracelet0.30
YGCD - Starbucks0.60
RA Medizine0.20
SBD iPad 20.50
SC Johnson Right at Home0.25
Kelloggs Coupons0.25
Home Depot0.40
Stop Smoking Survey0.40
TGCD - Walmart0.50                                        

After doing this you can get riot cards, xbox points and memberships, or psn cards and memberships or whatever you can find on the internet.